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Landing page for Benjamin Jephta saying Artiist, musician, composer, producer and educator

Welcome to the artistic world of Benjamin Jephta, an artist who effortlessly bridges the realms of jazz, film composition and music education. With a deep appreciation for a multitude of genres, he is a musician who creates a mesmerising tapestry of melodies and harmonies that transcend boundaries. Inspired by the diverse stories and experiences of people of colour, he infuses his art with a profound sense of cultural richness. With a heartfelt mission to inspire and uplift the listener, he hopes to use music as a tool to ignite positive change and foster unity. 

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latest news

With this new release Benjamin reflects on his experience as a so-called ‘Coloured’ in post-Apartheid, democratic South Africa. He dissected his experience and created music centred around important themes.  

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