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For Benjamin, the art of writing music for film/TV makes perfect sense. As a composer who is deeply passionate about storytelling and also a devoted cinephile, he finds immense joy in crafting melodies that become the voice of narratives on the screen.

In this world where art and emotions intertwine, film scoring is where Benjamin's love of produced music, songwriting, and a myriad of genres collide. In the realm of cinematic hybrid orchestral scoring, he weaves orchestral grandeur and modern electronic elements into a tapestry that elevates visual narratives to new heights. He has worked on productions featured on Amazon Prime, MNet and Showmax just to name a few.

Benjamin is currently also lecturing 3rd & 4th Year Film Music Composition at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa .

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a selection of music from various Film/Tv productions that showcases Benjamin's range as a composer

Vocal production:

vocal driven production tracks from rap to cast ensemble, from R&B to cinematic pop


acoustic based music from jazz quartet, string quartet to pop folk music

Beats & Bobs:

a selection of lofi, hip-hop, jazzy and electronic beat production used in film/tv 


Traditional and hybrid cinematic music  



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Groovy Times - feat. Heinrich Frans : SKEMERDANS (Music from the Showmax Original)

Groovy Times - feat. Heinrich Frans : SKEMERDANS (Music from the Showmax Original)

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‘Come through’ – Barakat  | kykNET

‘Come through’ – Barakat | kykNET

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Agter-die-skerms: Krismis van Map Jacobs

Agter-die-skerms: Krismis van Map Jacobs

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