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[ALBUM ART] Born Coloured, not Born-Free - BenjaminJephta.png

Born Coloured, not Born-Free 

For this release, Benjamin reflects on his experience as a so-called ‘Coloured’ in  post-Apartheid, democratic South Africa. He dissects his experience and created music centred around important themes. The themes explored in this deeply personal project includes ‘transformation’, ‘the coloured identity’, ‘the coloured and black relationship’ and ‘the coloured mentality’. His aim is to inspire and create a sense of hope, empowerment and unity in the South African experience, rather than alienating with a radical political approach. The compositions draws musically from traditional South African styles such as the Ghoema/Cape Jazz and Marabi music as well as modern African music idioms such as Gqom (a style of ‘house’ music), kwaito and hip-hop 


An Evolution of an Undefined

“All art is evolution. What we create builds on what came before - our histories, our memories - and transforms into something new. Evolution Of An Undefined is that process. It’s about staying connected to tradition while reaching towards a new identity. About standing with feet planted in two moments - the past and the 21st century. This music fuses jazz, electronic and hip-hop, moves beyond genre and creates itself through sound. If Homecoming was about rediscovering who I am, now, Evolution Of An Undefined is about who I will be. 

Modifying. Reconstructing. Progressing. 

Final form: undefined.” 


benjamin jephta-homecoming front cover-08.jpg


“As musicians coming from different training institutions, we are taught a variety of concepts and are exposed to various styles and genres of music. We are taught what is ‘hip’ and what is not. I assimilated what was trendy and emulated the people I looked up to. In the processes, I lost track of the real spirit of my music. The reason I  play music, the essence of what first inspired me to compose a melody. It’s that spirit I wanted to capture by calling this album ‘Homecoming’. I wanted to explore my own history and incorporate it into this sound. To capture the spark that was my first, purest love for music. Having been raised on the Cape Flats in Mitchells Plain and coming through the church, I want to give the listener a musical biography of my life by using the harmonies and melodies associated with that upbringing. As an artist, I believe one should create music that is significant (firstly) to you. I have always been captivated by this kind of honesty in the musicians I look up to. It is  exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with this album: to move and uplift the spirit. To welcome you, the listener, to my musical home.” 

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